We have been working on technologies for the Domain Name you just searched. We would like to hear from you if you are interested in the domain name or the innovations we are behind.

Contact us at sensibleventures@aol.com We have been at this since the early 80's . We are innovators and see where technology is headed or invent the very things that will be the future.

Introduction: Some make their mark on the world by hitting home runs, serving in public office, or writing great music. We strive to leave a legacy in that which we love, electronics and inventing new technologies. The ever expanding frontier of the Internet and computer technologies are changing the way we live and this is our opportunity to make a difference in the world. Born out of an insatiable thirst for knowledge, driven by an inventive engine seeking solutions to real problems, validated by years of research, testing, and hundreds of years of combined experience Sensible Ventures has produced well thought out products and applications.

If you found this page you may be starting to work on the same projects we have been working on for decades. To Partner with us or to find out what we are building email us at SensibleVentures@aol.com

We are proud of our work with:

SeeingAid.com Helping millions who are vision impaired explore the World.

HapticGlove.com Reach out and touch the space around you, and on the otherside of the globe.

4DmedicalImaging.com Putting all the potential of imaging technologies to detect and cure illness.






What makes us different?

With many decades of experience shared among our engineers and computer scientists we have the ability to see value well ahead of our competition but venture out into markets only when real solutions can be seen for real people. It's time for common sense to play a larger part in today's new product releases, and for finding practical applications for tomorrows powerful new technologies.

Our roots are grounded in innovation and a pioneering spirit similar to that of the early pioneers in the tech world. Like those visionaries, our driving force is inventing products in the electronic realm. We are geek's with a goal: To constantly invent better ways of using technology to solve problems and develop useful electronic gadgets and applications to make our lives safer, more productive, or simply more enjoyable.